​ Sanjeev Mishrilal Bafna

sanjeevSanjeev Mishrilal Bafna, Chairman and Managing Director, Bafna Group and Seva Group was born and brought up in the Automobile atmosphere; hence has a great passion for driving and travelling.

Being a business conglomerate in Automobiles, the group is selling and servicing some of the largest volumes of vehicles.


Failures had taught Sanjeev much more than Success. Since childhood, Sanjeev had dreamt of travelling from UK-Germany-Russia-China-Tibet-Nepal and back to India by road. A journey that would add real time feel of travel and invaluable cultures of different countries.

In 1992, he did endeavor travelling for such an experience, but unfortunately, was stuck up in Iran and had to abort the plan.


Sanjeev has always thought of doing things bit differently as the challenges which come by way of planning and execution gives more color to the result. Having played basketball and cricket at university level, the sportsman spirit always empowers him to take quick and right decisions at times.

Being positive in approach always enabled him to take and execute business, family as well as social attributes with high amount of passion. He is fortunate enough to born in a family where same thought process is in sync.