Ashish Ashok Kataria

‘Speed is a Need ! ’

AshishAge : 37

Education : Post Graduate in Engineering and Post Graduate in Business Administration.

Current Occupation : Key position in an Indian Fortune 500 infrastructure development company. Experienced in implementation of large scale Infrastructure projects.

Ashish is a driving enthusiast and has several on-road expeditions under his belt. For over 15 years he has been his own ’travel agent’ planning and expediting transcontinental vacations through varied terrains, cultures, lifestyles etc.

Amongst his notable tours is the ‘Raid the Himalayas 2006 ’ a 7 days rally, spanning 2,000 kms in the difficult yet picturesque terrain of Ladakh. He was one of the few participants to successfully complete the rally securing overall 6th positioning, that too in a Maruti Alto!

He has completed a Sports car Professional course at Nurburgring F1 track in Germany with Audi Gmbh in an Audi R8 V10.

He has enjoyed driving the Alps in Austria, Autobahns in Germany, the great ocean road of Australia, the deserts of Nevada and the traffic of Manhattan  amongst several more road trips done till date.

Ashish welcomes a good sense of humour, upholds friendship as the greatest gift of social living, goes easy on life and finds it a privilege to have been born in Nashik, a city pampered by Nature.