Репортаж из Москвы

Day 11 - 18th May 2015, 

Reporting from Moscow
(Репортаж из Москвы)

It's Phase II, and it is already turning out to be a test of Globe Wheelers' immense willpower and endurance...

After a long drive from Riga, Globe Wheelers witnessed their coldest day on 17th May, at Pskov, the border town of Russia. The trio had to spend a grueling 7 hours for paperwork and that too in 5 Degrees chilling weather conditions!

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Freezing air and chilling weather conditions, all steps are being taken to avoid frostbite and hypothermia...

Stay tuned for more updates on the way.

Interesting Fact:
The mean temperature in Moscow, Russia is cool at 5 degrees Celsius.


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